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HealthyAir specializes in environmental inspection services. These services include mold testing, mold remediation, and air quality assessments. We see many homes where poor building methods, combined with a lack of understanding of building science, lead to indoor environments that are more conducive to mold growth. If you’re not sure if your home has a problem, we recommend having a Level One Inspection done or Indoor Air Survey – an in-home evaluation process that determines the quantity and size of the particulates in your air and the moisture levels in your home.

With two levels of environmental inspections, we give our customers options to choose exactly what they need. Whether you are looking for a basic inspection of your home or complete testing, documentation and assistance in the remediation process, we can help. After the inspection we can provide services to resolve any deficiencies we discover.

Level One: Basic Inspection

  • Mold Survey: Includes a visual inspection of conditioned spaces, crawl spaces, attic and HVAC (heating, cooling and ventilation, air conditioning) system to determine if visual mold is present and if conditions exist to sustain mold growth. Moisture measurements in building materials will be taken in red flag areas including hardwood flooring, sub-flooring, drywall, concrete slabs, basement slabs and walls.
  • Air Quality Assessment: This is done with the use of a laser beam particle scan. The scanner counts the number of particles in a cubic foot of air. This is one of the tests used by the EPA to determine the air quality index.
  • Issues that can result in mold growth will be discussed in detail. Recommendations will be made on how to eliminate and prevent future mold growth and how to reduce allergenic air-borne particulates.

Level Two: Inspection Plus Testing

  • Includes Level One Mold Survey and Air Quality Assessment
  • Site conditions will determine the type of fungal samples taken. Samples may include a mix of air, tape lifts, swabs, carpets, bulk samples and wall cavity samples.
  • Testing includes a minimum of two fungal samples – one inside the home and one outside the home for comparison. In some cases, more than two samples will be necessary.
  • Issues that can result in mold growth will be discussed in detail. Recommendations will be made on how to eliminate and prevent future mold growth and how to reduce allergenic air-borne particulates.
  • A laboratory report will include a description of the fungus found in the samples, possible health effects and whether elevated levels or uncommon mold conditions exist.

HealthyAir’s Qualifications

You can feel confident in our capabilities. HealthyAir company owners and employees have undergone extensive training and received multiple certifications, including:

  • Initial Mold Inspection Training, Environmental Solutions Association
  • Mold Assessment, Professionals Choice of Environmental Testing
  • Technical Level Mold Removal and Cleanup, Indoor Air Management, Inc.
  • Controlling and Remediating Mold in Buildings, Georgia Tech Continuing Education
  • Conditioned Air License, State of Georgia
  • Certified Mold Remediator
  • Certified Environmental Inspector
  • Certified National Center for Healthy Housing, University of Georgia
  • State of Georgia Licensed Professional Environmental Engineer

Learn more about all our environmental inspection services now, or call us to discuss your specific problem. We look forward to helping you breathe easier.

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Mold Inspection and Removal in Alpharetta, GA

After finding out we had mold in our home, we knew to turn to HeathyAir. They came out the next day and did an environmental inspection to find the cause of the mold. Once they were finished with the inspection, we had them go ahead and remove the mold over the next couple days. They were very nice and very thorough.

Jacob S – Alpharetta, GA 30004
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