Real Estate Clearance Certificate

After every HealthyAir mold remediation project, we will issue a Mold Clearance Certificate.

For Real Estate agents, home buyers and sellers, protect your investment with a renewable, transferrable HealthyAir Mold Clearance Certificate. The HealthyAir warranty against recurrence of mold contamination.

This includes an examination of the building envelope, measurement of the relative humidity throughout the home, and a minimum of three Air-O-Cell® air samples. Using this data, HealthyAir will provide a Mold Clearance Certificate if the home is within normal limits as established by the World Health Organization and by Air Quality Sciences, Inc.

After a satisfactory inspection has been completed, the Mold Clearance Certificate will be issued. If mold should occur during the term of the Certificate, HealthyAir will provide remediation services at no additional cost to the customer.*

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you will make. Currently, there are no laws to protect buyers from purchasing a moldy home. Do not risk the clean-up costs, possible structural damage, and health issues related to mold. When buying a home, request a Mold Clearance Certificate.

When selling your home, protect yourself from possible litigation and law suits by providing a Mold Clearance Certificate to your buyer. If problems arise after the sale of the home, the buyer would look to HealthyAir for assistance – not you.

*Post-remediation services warranty good for up to one year after the issue of the Mold Clearance Certificate.

After finding out we had mold in our home, we knew to turn to HeathyAir. They came out the next day and did an environmental inspection to find the cause of the mold. Once they were finished with the inspection, we had them go ahead and remove the mold over the next couple days. They were very nice and very thorough.

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Crawl Space Sealing in Alpharetta, GA

We recently moved into a new house and the crawl space was very moist and unusable. We had the guys at HealthyAir come and put in a vapor barrier to seal it off. They recommended we use a dehumidifier and insulation to really make it protected for good. We can now use it for our extra storage.

Shannon And Chris R – Alpharetta, GA 30004
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Mold Symptoms Arise in a New Home

I was called out to test for mold in a detached one story single family dwelling. The owner was a brilliant engineer specializing in coal burning power plants. During his career he had consulted on projects in seven different countries. He and his wife had recently retired in Marietta Georgia. They had chosen a retirement community designed for and restricted sales to people fifty-five and older...

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