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The book contains over 70 pages of useful information about how to safely remove mold and toxins out of the environment you and your family live in.

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Customer Reviews

Crawl Space Sealing in Alpharetta, GA

We recently moved into a new house and the crawl space was very moist and unusable. We had the guys at HealthyAir come and put in a vapor barrier to seal it off. They recommended we use a dehumidifier and insulation to really make it protected for good. We can now use it for our extra storage.

Shannon And Chris R – Alpharetta, GA 30004
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Case Studies

Mold Spores Hide Under the Stairs

Some people seem to have an uncanny sense of smell for mold spores. After receiving a call from one such customer, I was asked to perform a thorough mold investigation, utilizing all the resources at my disposal. Upon arrival, I prepared for my inspection of the eight thousand square-foot, two-story house, wondering how I would ever locate the needle in this particular haystack.

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