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Did you find mold while remodeling your home? Maybe you found an area where a pipe had been dripping in a wall, or maybe you saw your new home’s framing get soaked by rain before the siding was up. No matter what you found, when you are looking for guidance on maximizing air purity from the beginning, call on HealthyAir.

We can provide a variety of air purification and cleansing options. View our service area information. After an inspection and possibly testing, we will make detailed recommendations aimed at maximizing your indoor air quality. Recommendations include things such as properly installing duct work, drainage, dehumidification needs, and more. Our air purity consulting services include:

  • Level One and Level Two Indoor Air Surveys: These surveys provide detailed information about your breathing environment including particulate counts, potential mold testing and HVAC deficiencies.
  • Air Conditioning and Heating System Consulting Services: HVAC consulting services are aimed at evaluating your existing system and making recommendations on how to maximize performance. Integrating air conditioning, ventilation and air purification can be tricky. If you are installing these items separately, you may want to consult with an Indoor Air Specialist to develop an overall plan for your home. For example, a vendor may recommend a whole house dehumidifier, but we can help you determine if it’s really needed.
  • HVAC Sanitizing: HealthyAir offers HVAC Sanitizing services using an all-natural product that will mitigate bacteria and mold in your ductwork, giving you a healthier breathing environment – instantly.
  • Mold Services: We give practical, reasonable advice on how to address a mold problem without scare tactics. We treat mold problems thoroughly in order to protect your health and your home.
  • Crawl Space Solutions: Wherever ground is exposed in a crawl space, there is the potential for moisture and gases to escape into your indoor environment. It is important to treat your crawlspace with care so that the quality of the air in the home is not compromised. At HealthyAir, our high quality, durable vapor barriers are made to stay in place, even when you need to change an air filter. When the vapor barriers are combined with a dehumidification system, it creates a “dry space” that improves the health of the entire house.
  • Air Quality Education: At HealthyAir, we believe that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Education is essential. If a customer understands the importance of IAQ, they are more likely to be conscious of keeping their indoor environment clean. From keeping filters changed to being aware of products that can create indoor air pollution, it is the customer, the homeowner, who makes the daily decisions about the quality of the air they breathe. We offer educational programs to schools, clubs, and other groups who want to learn more about Indoor Air Quality. Contact us now for more information on our educational programs.

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Air Quality Testing in Lawrenceville, GA

Our neighbor had a test done and found out he had radon in his home so we decided to have radon testing done too. We had the team from HealthyAir do an air quality assessment for us as well. They helped us get rid of the radon and they sanitized our air system to take care of all the problems. They were very helpful.

Mary Z – Lawrenceville, GA 30043
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Chronic Fatigue Prompts a Neighborly House Call

As a professional certified mold remediator, I have been remediating buildings and performing mold inspections for seven years. I live in a neighborhood about eight years old. One Saturday, a neighbor was out walking her dog while I was working in the yard and stopped to chit chat a few minutes. She was familiar with the work I do and began to tell me she believed her home was making her sick – something I often hear in my line of work.

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