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Mold removal--or remediation depends on many factors. Anyone considering mold removal or remediation should take into account the type of mold, the amount of active mold that is present, the location and overall condition are all crucial to the successful remediation of mold. Fogging the affected area with an all natural product is one way to remove mold. When mold infestation is at it's worst, HealthyAir can use a serum fogging agent that is completely safe to use in the home, but occupants must vacate the home for a period of time. When the mold is completely destroyed, our professionals will come in to clean, encapsulate and remediate the affected areas.

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Our customers will see our technicians use two types of fogging agents--one is an all-nature product and the other is a professional grade fogger. The all natural HealthyClean Fogging Agent is made from tee tree oil, a natural germicide and fungicide. A more forceful form of treatment is the professional grade ULV--ultra low volume--serum fogger. The pleasant smelling HealthyClean Fogging Agent is used in our HVAC Sanitizing process as well as for attics and crawl spaces with little to medium mold growth infestation. When mold growth is severe, HealthyAir uses an industrial grade serum fogger under very high pressure so it can get into all the cracks and crevices to kill the mold.

When we complete your mold removal project, we'll issue a clearance certificate for your use to demonstrate that the structure is free from mold. Get in touch with the mold experts at HealthyAir. Make the call to HealthyAir and find out what we can do for the residents of Dallas and their mold problems.

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